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"The Bayanihan spirit shows Filipinos’ concept of helping one another most especially in times of need without expecting anything in return. Filipinos strongly believe in helping their 'kababayans (fellow countrymen)' in any possible way they can do to extend a helping hand. It is a beautiful Filipino mentality of helping one another."


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A financial expert with advanced training and knowledge of tax law. The services of a tax advisor are usually retained in order to minimize tax payable while remaining compliant with the law in complicated financial situations.


A financial expert who helps retirees, or people approaching retirement, develop a plan for ensuring that income needs will be met throughout retirement.

The cash benefits available to the insured after they have paid premiums over a specific period. The cash values and the endowment proceeds of a permanent life insurance policy are considered living benefits since they are made available to the insured while they are alive.