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6 signs you need a tax advisor

#1: Facing An Audit

  • A Tax Advisor can represent you without you having to personally meet with an auditor or a collector.  

  • Tax Advisor is the only tax professionals licensed by the Federal Government and hold the highest credential IRS awards.

  • Tax Advisor can assist with back tax issues, collections, and tax settlements.

#2: Take full advantage of recent tax changes

  • Tax Advisors constantly keep up all Federal and state changes in individual and business tax laws. 

  • CSEA Members complete at least 30 hrs of continuing education each year.

#3:My business is changing this year

  • Tax Advisors have the knowledge and experience to advise you.

  • Keep ups with the change and laws of ever-changing business. 

#4: I'm investing in new things this year

  • Did you know a taxable event occurs each time you take sticks or securities. 

  • Tax Advisor are experts in the taxation of real property purchases, investments, rentals, inheritance

  • Understand cryptocurrency.   

#5:my tax returns is complex

  • Tax Advisor prepares complex returns for partnerships, flow-through entities, corporations, nonresidents, estates, trusts, decedents, beneficiaries, and other tax entities. 

  • Are qualified and ready to advise you and prepare returns--from simple to complex. 

  •  With tax law changes, it's more critical, than ever to have a qualified tax specialist. 

#6 I don't want any tax season surprises 

  • Tax Advisor can conduct a quick paycheck check-up or a through tax projection

  • Are tax planners who will start with your goals in mind.