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Illness and Injury, Dangers to Current and Retirement Income

50% of all residential real estate foreclosures are due to medical debt

Too Often medical Debt = Bankruptcy + Foreclosure -- January 2012 --


2 out of 4 households filed for personal bankruptcy due to medical problems

Health Affairs - Medical Bankruptcy: Myth versus Fact-- Feb 2016


The unemployment rate is double for people with a medical disability

Bureau of Labor Statistics. Persons with Disability: Labor Force Characteristics Summary, June 21, 2016


1 out of 2 adults will have at least one chronic illness.

25% of those people will have one or more of their normal daily activities limited.

2008 Census Bureau


75% of all adults have a responsibility to provide financial assistance to an elderly parent who is in need


41% of Americans struggle to pay medical bills and have outstanding medical debt.

National Center for Health Statistics, Financial Burden of Medical Care, January-June 2011


1 out-of 2 men & 1 out of 3 women will develop cancer in their lifetime.

American Heart Association, American Stroke Association; Heart disease and stroke statistics-2015


60% of people with cancer are 65 and older.


Strokes are a leading cause of disability; in the US, someone has a stroke every 4 seconds.

American Cancer Society, Lifetime Risk of Developing or Dying from Cancer, 2014


The average length of disability is 82-months (6-years and 10-months).

50% of disabled Americans are in their working years, 18-64.

65% of working Americans report they could not cover normal living expenses even for a year if their employment income was lost.